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Aug 19 / lindsay

Lovely weekend in Telford

Matt and I spent the weekend at Jim & Beth Styers’ farm in Telford. We really enjoyed their pool and their kitchen! When we found out that Matt could eat fresh/raw food for the next few days, we planned several fun meals (including gazpacho and bone marrow!) and invited various friends to join us. Here are some pictures of the delicious food.

Matt is feeling pretty good – he has more energy, and I have noticed that he seems to need a lot less naptime than previous weeks! Tomorrow finishes up the last 4 day week of chemo, so he is looking forward to less frequent trips to the hospital. He has two more weeks of this phase, with chemo on Tuesdays. Then we get to learn more about phase 3 which should start in September.

Also check out the new visitors page!


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  1. Beth Styer / Aug 19 2010

    So glad you could enjoy the farm, food and friends!! The food looks delicious

    • matt / Aug 20 2010

      Thanks again, we had a great weekend.

  2. Ben Wideman / Aug 19 2010

    Those ribs look incredible – and is that an Allan Reesor-McDowell I see?

    • matt / Aug 19 2010

      yep, he swung thru for an evening. we had fun meeting your folks and staying at your house.

  3. Penny Blosser / Aug 19 2010

    Congratulations – we keep praying for you. Glad to hear things are getting longer between treatments. Eva grew up in the Telford area. It is a nice place to visit. Try crossing the railroad tracks to Souderton.

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