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Apr 13 / grace

Transplant Day

Jon and Alan are in the Apheresis Unit, where Jon is having stem cells collected from his blood. Matt is sleeping after having some intense radiation this morning. I am in the family room across the hall from Matt’s room and just submitted payroll for the Dutch Village Inn. Lindsay is home this morning doing up some laundry in special daily packages for Matt. The day is a mix of ordinary and extraordinary.┬áThe morning started with Matt’s housemate and soon-to-be-doctor Ben giving his first shot to someone, as Jon needed his last dose of his daily shot to help him┬áproduce extra stem cells.

Jon needed his first shot on Saturday, and he gave it to himself; however, he felt pretty ill afterward, so the next day his housemate Dan graciously gave him the shot. The next day Amanda gave him the shot, then Dan did it again and then Ben today. I write this in thinking of how surreal this all is and how much of a community we have supporting us in this process, even willing to give Jon shots.

Matt has to have another radiation treatment this afternoon. Jon will be in the donation room for about 4 hours this morning, and the plan is that Matt will receive the stem cells by infusion late this afternoon or early evening. This will be a day of supporting and waiting and watching and praying.


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  1. Judy and John / Apr 13 2011

    All of you are always in our thoughts and prayers! With love.

  2. Judy and John / Apr 13 2011

    All of you are never far from our thoughts and prayers! With love.

  3. Mary Schrock / Apr 13 2011

    You’ve been on my heart and mind all day today…….thanks so much for sharing the updates…helps to know how to pray. Love to all!

  4. Jenny / Apr 13 2011

    you all ~ every one of you have been especially near to my thoughts all day. I am praying peace and comfort, grace and assurance. love you all….

  5. Beth / Apr 13 2011

    Amazing story & testimony of a loving, caring family and community. Hugs to all!

  6. Susan and Denis and family / Apr 13 2011

    We’re so blessed to know your extraordinary family. You show us over and over how bonds of love and faith bind you all together. We love you and are with you always in our hearts and prayers.
    PS Someone please give our Jon a special squeeze from us. :)

  7. Dawna Cramer / Apr 13 2011

    Thinking of you and praying for your family.

  8. KAY / Apr 13 2011

    prayers to you Grace and your family today. Hope all goes well.

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