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Apr 13 / grace

Day 0

I believe that in bone marrow transplant terminology, the day of transplant is day 0.  There is a schedule of milestones that are achieved along the way after that.  It is now 3pm, Matt is finishing up his last!!! radiation treatment.  Jon has come home to Matt’s house to rest.  The procedure for Jon went well, however from my point of view,  it was not what you would call a pleasant experience for Jon.  I took some photos of the machines and Jon hooked up with multiple tubes.  It is up to Jon whether or not he will share the photos!  They told Jon he would feel tired and achy and he does!  We are still waiting to see if they collected enough stem cells, they had to stop after 2 hours, when one of the needles was not working properly.  They will let Jon know later today if he needs to donate again tomorrow.

The nurse told me this morning that Matt is doing well.  Yesterday was a hard day, and as his blood counts continue to  drop, he will not feel well.   The actual stem cell infusion, should happen around 5 or 6pm this evening.  Matt is now neutropenic and that means he has very little immune cells left.  He has to eat a very safe and limited diet and we have to use sterile precautions while visiting in his room.

It is quite a process to comply with the isolation procedures.  To enter Matt’s room you first wash your hands with instant hand gel, then put on a gown, then put on gloves.  If you want to take your purse, coat, computer etc it the room, you wrap them in a gown.  There are also wipes to wipe off your phone, computer, or other items you want to bring into the room.

Tonight we plan to play some games with Matt, and keep each other company in his room.   I can see that a big challenge for Matt will be, having to stay in the same room and being so isolated.  Matt continues to have his sense of humor and Lindsay is amazing in her stamina and support of Matt.


**** The transplant nurse just called Jon.  They needed to collect 2 million cells from Jon, they collected 4 million, so the infusion for Matt is good to go. !!  5:00pm

A photo of the actual infusion of cells…as complicated and simple as this.   There were 4 million stem cells in this small bag….


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  1. Bonnie Price Lofton / Apr 14 2011

    What brothers! What a privilege to know them (you, Matt and Jon) both and to have worked closely with both. And what a family! Onward and upward, no doubt.

  2. Andrea Wenger / Apr 13 2011

    What a process! Thanks for the report. We’ve been thinking about Jon and Matt from the EMU marketing department… So glad to hear Jon overachieved on his cell donation! Not surprising given his usual amazing output with everything he does so well. Blessings to you all and prayers for the stems cells to do their work effectively in Matt’s body.

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