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Apr 15 / grace

Transplant Day +2

Setting up to play Dominion

The nurse told us the other day that often good things on Rhoads 7 happen slowly, bad things seem to happen fast.  The transplant itself and yesterday were uneventful.  Matt was feeling pretty good yesterday and we had a good day chatting and playing games.  But I can tell today that just as they predicted, he is beginning to feel worse.  Sore mouth, achy bones, especially in his legs and feet. Sleeplessness.

I am so impressed with Matt’s determination and just matter of fact attitude in dealing with this process.  He is quite an amazing guy.  It was more than touching to see the thankfulness that he expressed to Jon this afternoon as Jon left to go back to Virginia.


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  1. Sharon Witmer / Apr 17 2011

    Grace, I appreciate the updates that you write. It was great to see both Matt and Lindsay at Leah’s wedding via skype.

  2. Miriam Reesor / Apr 17 2011

    I think of all of you frequently and wonder how every thing is going. I am always glad to see a new update posted.

  3. maria fuentes / Apr 16 2011

    So glad you are leaving updates. This way all those who love you at ONC will not form a mob around you! Praying. Hoping. Trusting. God bless your lovely family.

  4. Penny Blosser / Apr 15 2011

    Do you have an address to send cards?? Keep getting better – don’t make me come over there. :)

    • grace / Apr 15 2011

      Cards can be sent to his home address. His address in under contact info on the blog. Thanks Penny!
      4738 Osage Ave
      Philadelphia, PA 19143

  5. Mary Schrock / Apr 15 2011

    Grace, your family has always been wonderful, but you will never be the same after this last year’s experience….it is such a blessing to sense the love, loyalty and commitment you have for each other. We continue to lift all of your needs and desires to the Father who has everything under control and knows the end from the beginning, and who has the good of all of you deep in His Heart! Appreciate so much your faithful updating because we care so much and just want to share with you the joy of the mountain tops, and the burden of the valleys.

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