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Apr 17 / lindsay

Sunday, Day +4

Today is a quiet day on Rhoads 7. Matt is taking a nap while I keep myself occupied. The Styers have gone home to catch up on their lives and businesses – I’m sure they will be back soon for more visits. It is great to hang out with such a caring family – I’m excited that I get to officially join that family soon! :)

Matt is struggling a bit with nausea and some achiness. His legs were so achy that he was having trouble sleeping – but finally last night he slept really well, so we’re thankful for that. He did have a fever this morning for a few hours but it’s normal now – a doctor just came in and took some mouth swabs to send to the lab to check for the flu. And he made me put on a mask just in case it is the flu. Hospital policy. :(

There is another guy on the floor just a few years older than Matt who is also here for a transplant; he is about a week ahead of Matt. I see his parents every day – we are both always bringing bags of frozen foods and fresh laundry to our respective loved ones. Something about saying hi and checking in with them everyday gives me a little bit of peace and calm – there are all kinds of people going through this and each of us is connected in a way we don’t really understand. I am grateful for them.

I am also so grateful for all of you who keep updated on Matt’s progress and send him love and prayers. Thank you so much for your support.


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  1. Judy and John / Apr 19 2011

    Hi Matt and Lindsay,
    We’re coming to PA this weekend and would like to come visit. We’ll check in before we come to be sure you are up for visitors.

    Judy and John

  2. Nancy Fortenberry / Apr 17 2011

    Dear Matt & Lindsay,
    Hi there! My husband is the pastor at Common Ground in North Lima. (Where Greg is on staff with Goodness Grows!) We are also friends with Grace & Alan. Know that we and others in our church family continue to lift you in our prayers. Cannot imagine how difficult this must be…and how isolated you must feel right now. Just know that there are many of us…who have not met you in person, but feel like we “know you” both thru your families…and thru our connection in Christ! We will continue to pray. Thank you for “sharing” on here so that we can rejoice with your “ups” and pray for your “downs”!
    ~Nancy Fortenberry

  3. Eric / Apr 17 2011

    Hi Matt and Lindsay,
    Just read Lindsay’s latest blog and wanted you to know I’ve thought of you often this weekend as I’m on-call at Good Samaritan hospital here in Corvallis. I sleep in a room that was a patient room- with hosp. bed and all. It’s amazing what all goes on- last night I had to mediate between visiting family members that don’t get along. Today, I got a request for a cane!
    I am grateful that you (Matt) are in a good hospital with what sounds like great doctors and care staff, And that you have such a supportive family. Plus, I know you (Lindsay) are doing a great job helping and loving and caring for Matt. You both have supportive families and much to be grateful for even as you travel this difficult part of your journey toward healing and wellness.
    May you know and sense our love and the loving mercy of God surrounding you and carrying you.
    Love and prayers,
    Dad (Eric)

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