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Apr 22 / jon

cancer fight

battle wounds

This is what happens when you accidentally get injected with your own blood.

Well it wasn’t easy helping Matt fight cancer, I have bruises to show for it, but I hope I did my part. Don’t worry It doesn’t hurt as bad as it looks. At least not anymore. (but it looks pretty badass)


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  1. grace / Apr 25 2011

    Yikes!! I had no idea your arm would look like that. Real battle scars. We need to get Matt to post photos of his… oh wait…we want people to read the blog, might scare people away.

  2. Penny Blosser / Apr 22 2011

    Still praying for your entire family. The bruises will go away sooner then you think.

  3. Mary Schrock / Apr 22 2011

    Accidentally??? Hummmm…….

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