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Apr 24 / lindsay

Happy Easter!

Today we celebrate Easter in a different way than usual, in the hospital. This morning it rained early; then by 9 am it was warm and sunny. I walked to the hospital today and was amazed by the brightly colored tulips and blooming trees along the way – a reminder of spring, new beginnings, and the story of Easter. It gave me a positive feeling about what we are going through now.

Matt has had a week of ups and downs. Fevers early in the week were followed by some mornings of nausea. Now things have steadied out a bit so that he generally feels pretty lousy but in a way that is to be expected, nothing extreme. He sleeps a lot! But is able to get up and move around in between naps. Jon was here for a long weekend and he kept Matt company when Matt was awake, and me company the rest of the time! It was nice to have him here and as you can see in Jon’s post below he is sporting a pretty awesome bruise!

We also had Matt’s aunt Becky and her family, Tom, Hannah and Luke come for a visit on Friday; and my sister Jenna and her husband Eric last night. Matt enjoys having visitors to break up the day and remind him of all the people out there thinking of him.

Today is Day +11. This is supposed to be the very bottom stage, where Matt’s counts are basically at zero – he essentially has no white blood cells – and he has very little energy. He is hopeful that by the end of the week he will start slowly feeling better, as his body should begin making white blood cells again (from Jon’s stem cells) starting around Day 15.

We wish you all a very blessed Easter Sunday!


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  1. Penny Blosser / Apr 25 2011

    Praying for all of you for strength and continued good news on the battle front. Glad for the updates since we are so far away. Keep on getting better. Hugs to all.

  2. Andrea Schrock Wenger / Apr 25 2011

    Matt, I just logged in to see the progress of what has happened withyou in the past week since I’ve been completely checked out dealing with my father’s sudden death. It’s wonderful to see that things are going as anticipated and that those closest to you are encouraged. I missed seeing Jon’s arm last week since I only breezed in the office for a brief 10 minutes (and he kindly scanned a few pictures for me!). I’m cheering for your whole family and pray that each little step continues along the path toward wholeness…So glad Jon was able to take a long weekend to be with you all in Philly….

  3. Sharon Witmer / Apr 25 2011

    Thanks for the update Lindsay. We are praying for a continued Easter season of renewal – white blood cells included!

  4. Ellen Bowman / Apr 25 2011

    Thanks so much for the up-date. Would love to trade you a better week for some of that spring weather. Praying for continued sunshine and healing.

  5. Miriam Reesor / Apr 25 2011

    Hi Matt and Lindsey -You have definitely gone through the Good Friday experience and I am wishing that you soon experience “resurrection” and new life in the days ahead.

  6. Lori Allen / Apr 25 2011

    I have been praying and thinking about you, Matt, Lindsey, Jon, Amanda and Alan this last week.

  7. Mary Schrock / Apr 24 2011

    Good to hear from Matt & Co……glad the first 11 days are behind you…don’t have to do those again! Hoping and praying for the white cells to fire up and get going! We are with you!!!! :)

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