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May 1 / lindsay

720 and rising

Good news this beautiful Sunday morning! Matt’s ANC count is 720 today (Day 18). His counts began rising on Day 14, dipped down a bit (which is normal) on Day 15, and now he is steadily producing white blood cells! Yesterday the doctors estimated that he might even get to go home on Tuesday – much earlier than we had anticipated!

This is very good news as Matt has been having a hard time being restricted to this tiny hospital room – he feels restless and stir crazy. So hearing that he might go home in a few days makes it more bearable. Generally he has been feeling pretty good; a little more energy each day. He’s had some trouble in the past couple days with nausea but that shouldn’t stop him from going home as long as he keeps his pills down. He has also been experiencing tremors – shaking in his hands and feet. It’s made it difficult for him to eat things like soup. There is not really a treatment for that other than muscle relaxers, so we are hoping that goes away as he gets taken off some of the drugs that may be causing it.

We’ll keep you updated but send good thoughts for Tuesday!


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  1. Linda Ro / Nov 24 2011

    It’s Thanksgiving morning, and I am praying for you. May the Spirit be so real you today that you are lifted by His presence.
    Linda Ro

  2. Penny Blosser / May 3 2011

    Great news – still praying things go well.

  3. Judy and John / May 2 2011

    Great news! It’s wonderful to hear that you are doing better than expected and will be discharged early!! We pray for your growing strength and continued recovery!
    Judy and John

  4. Mary Schrock / May 2 2011

    Go Grace!!! :) Happy for you all!!!

  5. grace / May 2 2011

    I am back at the house cleaning!! Making the house sparkling for a homecoming tomorrow! The doctors told Matt that he should expect to come home tomorrow. Of course we just want to make sure that Matt is able to stay out of the hospital, so they have a recommended cleaning process. It is going really well, thankfully they keep their house clean anyway! Thanks everyone for your prayers. Matt is getting out of the hospital about a week before we had anticipated him coming home. But we are happy to hurry up and get ready!! Now off to get the car vaccumed and cleaned!

    • Sharon Witmer / May 2 2011

      Great news!

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