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May 23 / grace

A year later and 40 days post transplant

It has been a year since Matt (and all of us) have been on this roller coaster journey. Matt is at home, trying to not be too bored, recuperating. We had a great weekend with Matt, Lindsay and Jon at Jim and Beth’s country home. We had a good time doing nothing but cooking, eating, sitting on the patio, chatting, reading, being together and celebrating Jon’s birthday. Matt is still limited in his activities, and has to stay away from being around too many people. Healing is a slow process. Keep him in your prayers, as he still deals with fatigue, upset stomach, headache, sleeplessness… However, he seems to also be making good progress. He had a bone marrow biopsy about a week ago and we expect results from that this week. Everything seems to be going well according to the doctors. Here are some photos from our weekend!

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