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Jun 18 / grace


The road to Matt’s recovery from the bone marrow transplant is very long, and unfortunately Matt has hit a very rocky patch. At his doctors appointment on Monday, June 13, Matt was told that his white blood cell count was elevated and there were the presence of some Leukemia cells again. This was shocking, scary and very frustrating news. The only immediate action was to have Matt go off immunosuppressants (medicine to prevent rejection of Jon’s cells).  They are now waiting a few weeks to see how Matt responds to Jon’s cells not being suppressed. The hope is that the healthy cells from Jon will be able to fight off the cancer cells. Matt has a doctors appointment this Monday, June 20 to find out more about the next course of action.  It has been a rough week since then. A bit of good news is that on Friday the doctor emailed to say that his most recent lab results looked good – his white cell count was down significantly from Monday.

None of us really know what this means. However, after hearing this very troubling news, on Tuesday morning I was standing at my kitchen sink and I felt a whisper in my heart.  This whisper said to me, “I know that you are very thankful for the wonderful Ivy League doctors and great hospital, but now it is time to ask me for a miracle.” So, over this week, I have been asking everyone to pray for a healing miracle for Matt. Healing for his body, his emotions and his spirit. But we also ask for peace of mind in enduring this unknown time. I believe that Jesus is a great healer. Please pray along with us.

All of us are spending the weekend as a family with Matt and Lindsay. It is a wonderful way to spend Father’s Day together. Thanks to the generous giving of Grandpa and Grandma Witmer and the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, we got a Kinect today. We look pretty funny playing sports games, batting around in the air. Gets us moving and sure makes us laugh! Thanks dear family!!



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  1. kathy / Jun 20 2011

    i am continuing prayers for you and your dear family. i have watched your children grow into fine adults and i love you all. God is good and He is the great healer…..hugs to you today too!

  2. Ben Wideman / Jun 20 2011

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    As it turns out, we are staying with some friends of your family – Bev and Dwight Aldefer. They send along their wishes.

  3. Penny Blosser / Jun 20 2011

    Always praying for your family – especially Matt. Thank you for keeping up the updates.

  4. Arlin & Donna Benner / Jun 19 2011

    We will continue to pray for all of you and a healing miracle for Matt. Our love and prayers to all.

  5. Mark E. / Jun 19 2011

    I have been praying for healing since I first heard about this ordeal for Matt. I am stoked to hear that God spoke to you about this and that you’re following through by asking us all to join with you in it. I am standing with you for healing in every way. To Jesus be the glory.

  6. maria fuentes / Jun 19 2011

    We always make mention of you and your family to each other and to Our Lord. We passed your home just yesterday and wished you all well as we did. We will continue to uphold you all, but especially for Matt’s miracle. Hope you have great father’s day celebration. Peace.

  7. Jeff Q / Jun 19 2011

    Love you guys, and praying for you!

  8. Steve B / Jun 19 2011

    Praying for Matt and everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Aunt Irene / Jun 18 2011

    We join you in praying for a miracle!!.

  10. Susan and Denis and family / Jun 18 2011

    Always always praying for Matt and all of you. We love all of the Styers, and we’ll increase our already robust prayers for healing, peace of mind, and happiness for dear Matt. You are such a lovely family. We’re blessed to have you in our lives.

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