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Aug 19 / grace

Continuing Hospital Stay

Matt was admitted to the hospital again a week ago Monday.  He had a stomach infection.  Which is painful and gave him a fever and did not help his appetite.  That seems to be under control now, but his immune system numbers have not been coming up as quickly as we had hoped.  So it looks like they will do another round of chemo, to wipe out those “bad cells”  again.

Matt is so ready to feel well and have some normal life again.  The good thing about this hospital stay is that he has a very nice, very large room.  A Sofa, 2 lounge chairs, a nice view, it at least makes the days more pleasant.  Recently he has also had a nice steady stream of visitors.  I was able to spend 4 days with him last week, Jon came for the weekend too. An Uncle, some cousins and friends have stopped by too.  Of couse Lindsay is his most important daily visitor.  They have lots to do each evening with finalizing their wedding plans.

We are making wedding preparations here too, buying dresses and suits,  ordering food and beverages, and planning music.   Alan even has the pizza oven ready to go.  But we really are praying for Matt that the doctors and the healing hand of  God will touch Matt now.  He wants to feel good for the wedding!  Tomorrow a local group of men called “Men of Faith” are having a prayer breakfast and Matt is their special “guy” for the morning.  So please join along with about 100 men tomorrow morning and please pray for Matt, healing and comfort and miracles.

Last weekend we had a Witmer family reunion.  The Enos and Hannah Witmer family of 13 children, and their children and grandchildren.  I believe there were about 160 that came sometime during the weekend.  We had a wonderful Sunday service too, including the group praying for Matt and our family.  Also there were special prayers for a young nephew with a back injury from a farm accident and a blessing for two of the great nephews going on a canoe  adventure.  You can follow their ministry and blog here,  We are very thankful for the prayers and support of our family and friends.


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  1. debbie dory / Aug 19 2011

    We appreciate the update Grace. Glad that the room at the hospital is comfortable for Matt and guests. We continue praying.

  2. maria fuentes / Aug 19 2011

    Thanks for the update. Prayers always going up to Our Lord from this home. God Bless.

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