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Oct 1 / lindsay

Wedding Recap and Treatment Update

After very frustrating setbacks in August and September, Matt was able to get out of the hospital about a week before his birthday (30!) and our wedding. Matt and I had a fantastic wedding one week ago – the weather actually cooperated and the whole experience was amazing, with everything coming together in a way we could only have hoped for. Much of that was due to the hard work of our friends and family. It was an outpouring of friends and fellowship and we felt so blessed to have such support.

Matt felt really good for the wedding, considering the recent infections and hospital stays, although his vision was severely limited due to retinal bleeding from low platelet levels. (The vision problem started about 3 1/2 weeks ago and there is not much the doctors can do but wait for his body to absorb the blood; they are keeping his platelet levels higher to prevent any further bleeding.) He was able to eat and drink and be on his feet most of the day, which we are very grateful for.

The doctors allowed Matt to leave town for a few days before and after the wedding, so we were able to go early and prepare for the wedding as well as take a little honeymoon afterward. We rented a cabin in Southern Ohio and enjoyed the chance to relax together and absorb the whole experience.

Now, we are back in the hospital. Since Matt responded so well to the last round of chemo, they wanted to do another round while he is still feeling pretty good. He was admitted Sept. 30 and the goal is to be discharged on Oct. 3. It is a bit of a rude awakening to return to the hospital so soon after such a wonderful celebration but we are hanging in there, as always, together.


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  1. beth / Oct 3 2011

    Thoughts and prayers are with you each day. May the energy and memories from the wedding celebrations continue to sustain and nurture your souls!
    Love you both!

  2. spagooti / Oct 1 2011

    love you two.

  3. Ben Wideman / Oct 1 2011

    I hope this round goes smoothly. We had such a great time at your wedding. Thanks for including us in your day, and for throwing such an incredible event! See you soon.

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