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  1. Greta Shenk / Dec 22 2011

    Grace and peace to you all as you say goodbye.

  2. Kacey Stafford / Dec 21 2011

    I did not know Matt but I was commissioned to make a piece of artwork for Matt and Lindsay for their wedding. I know that Matt was loved very much and will be missed terribly. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and especially with Lindsay.

  3. William G. Chandler Jr. / Dec 21 2011

    I took a class with Matthew. I had no idea he had been going through such difficulty. He was strong and a great classmate. He will be missed.

  4. Larry Fulmer / Dec 21 2011

    My deepest condolences to the Styer and Martin families. I received the news in my Phila U email. I am a graduate student at Philadelphia University
    in the design program. I did not know Matt.
    Since I had been recently hospitalized with a major setback to a chronic illness, I am feel a renewed appreciation of life and how important it is to live everyday to your best potential. I am sure Matt had done that as well, and it appears that he was well liked and will be remembered as a very talented designer and great person.

  5. Lia Bodocan / Dec 21 2011

    My sincere condolences!
    Matt, I will remember you as a motivated designer and a real visionary! It was great sharing classes with you @PhilaU. May you rest in peace!

  6. johnna / Dec 20 2011

    GOD SPEED!!! Matt, please watch over your family and friends!! You are the strength!!

  7. Lisa Schirch / Dec 20 2011

    I will remember you as a fantastic artist with a generous spirit.

  8. Becki Skowron / Dec 20 2011

    Matt, I know its been awhile, but I never once forgot the good times we had. You always made me smile. I love ya. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace.

  9. Kendra Nissley / Nov 27 2011

    Hey Matt – Still thinking of you and hearing snippets about recent developments through Ohio/Midway neighbors and friends. We’re all pulling for you!!!! Congratulations on your wedding, by the way!! It looked absolutely beautiful.


  10. Mary Jane Michael / Nov 16 2011

    Prayers for your treatment…..

  11. Dawn Hunter / Nov 16 2011

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Mary Jane Styer Michael / Sep 28 2011

    Just wanting to say congratulations to you and the entire family! We are excited about your wedding and hope you have MANY anniversaries with your lovely wife. We continue to pray for God’s healing touch in your life…. all our love, your family in Virginia,
    Mary Jane and Vern

  13. Linda Ro / Sep 11 2011

    I read about the experimental treatment U. Penn. had developed and thought
    “Well, Matt doesn’t need that”. Then I found out about your set-back at church this morning. We will be praying that you are eligible and that it is the “miracle” needed. It’s sometimes so hard to sense God’s love–but He is in the midst of this no matter how hard it is to sense it.

  14. Sheri Hartzler / Jun 25 2011

    Hi Lindsay and Matt. Your mom wrote this morning, Lindsay, about the set back Matt has had since the stem cell transplant. Just wanted to let you know we agree with you or Matt’s mom or whoever wrote that it’s time to pray for a miracle. We’ll be doing that! I haven’t followed your blog regularly, because we are following the blog of a close friend in Indiana who is awaiting a heart transplant after his heart was attacked by a virus. He’s our age – but as I read your blogs, I find similarities with what Ken and Becky are experiencing — especially the difficulty in keeping positive when it seems to go on and on. We wish you both the best – and want you to know we are praying for Matt’s recovery. – Sheri Hartzler

  15. Jacqueline Smith / Jun 20 2011

    I am thinking of you often and praying for that miracle and I am glad to hear the recent report. Take care and know that this old friend cares. God Bless.

  16. Jacqueline Smith / Apr 29 2011

    Hi Matt,

    I hope everything is going as well as expected. You are in my thoughts and prayers often. God will get you through this.

    So, both you and Josh are the same age and will have the same anniversary year as the royals, right? Congrats.

    Take care,


  17. Marcia / Apr 21 2011

    Praying for you daily!

  18. Vern Detweiler / Apr 17 2011

    gods blessing will be left upon you. You will be in our prayers

  19. Delaine Dechellis / Apr 16 2011

    Hey Matt, Grace, Alan and family!
    Greetings and peace from North Lima. Very rainy and miserable here, so not missing anything. Continue prayers at home and on church prayer chain. Good news is it is almost Holy Week and we all know what Jesus went through, so I believe He will make you strong through His suffering. Keep the faith.
    Have a blessed Easter!
    The DeChellis Family

  20. Tae and Linda Ro / Apr 15 2011

    Matt, Grace and Alan (since Jon, and I assume, Amanda have left),
    We are so glad the transplant could take place. We are praying for
    a successful “take”–and patience while you wait out the month. A
    decade from now, may you rejoice you went through this.

  21. Melody King / Apr 14 2011

    I’ve seen many people go through this and I’m convinced a mighty spirit and a fury of love and support creates magnificent odds. I know you have all those things. And you have the thoughts and so many hopes of myself and the rest of us on 2PCAM.
    Strength for this journey–

  22. Mary Jane and Vern Michael / Apr 13 2011

    Our love and prayers are with you…..wish we could stop by and visit!

  23. Carmen / Apr 13 2011

    Hi Matt and Lindsey and family,
    You don’t know me, but my husband and I are pastors at the
    church Eric and Jenna are attending. We wanted you to know that our congregation joins in praying for all of you in these days of dealing with isolation and lots of frustration and waiting. May God carry you, comfort you and provide hope, one day at a time.

    Carmen Schrock-Hurst

  24. mary lee / Apr 13 2011

    praying for you today i know your in Gods hands. I was talking to your mom yesterday trying to think how long i’ve been cleaning for her. So i started to think how the bedrooms were upstairs and i think yours was the front on the right, meaning its been a long time. So, my reason for saying that was you feel like my family. I’ m asking God to give you strength in all this but most of all a total healing, also strength for Jon and your family. By the way congragulations are in order for your engagement, she must be pretty special, I’m sure she is being your strength also through this.

  25. spagooti / Oct 15 2010

    matt is the best. i love matt.

  26. Sheryl holland / Oct 12 2010

    Matt-‘you don’t know me but my mom works with you aunt in Lancaster and my son had leukemia. He is 4 and in his mainstance phase of treatment. We found out in Jan he had leukeima. Life has been crazy as I am sure you and your family know. Conner has been doing great since he started this phase of treatment. It has been a hard road for us as a family but we are now see Conner back to “normal” we are glad he is feeling well now.
    If you need anything or your parents need anything we would love to help.
    Praying for you and your family
    Sometime I would love to talk to you to see how you are. Since conner is only 4 he can’t always put into words how he feels or what he needs. It would be nice to get your understanding of how you feel and what you experience so I could understand him better. If you ever feel up to that let your aunt know.
    Praying for you.

  27. Arlin & Donna Benner / Aug 26 2010


    We were saddened to hear about your leukemia. We just want you to know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. We’re trusting in God’s healing touch.

    Love & prayers,
    Arlin & Donna

  28. The Well Fed Crew / Aug 19 2010

    looks like you continue to make steps in the right direction. studio hates cancer and loves you everyday.

  29. Diane / Aug 13 2010

    Hi Matt,
    I dont think you know me but I know your parents! I have the jewelry store behind the Village Inn. I ask about you often and I am so impressed by your strength! I dont know why that surprises me coming from the amazing gene pool you have from your parents and grandparents! Hang in there and know that so many people are praying for you and your family and truly wish you the best!

  30. Brent Allen / Jul 23 2010

    Hi Matt. We continue to pray for you. We love you. Brent and Lori

  31. Jerry Holsopple / Jul 13 2010

    Matt, During my year away I feel like I lost touch with what was happening to the dear people back in the US.. Since I have caught up with what you are facing you have been in my prayers. I send this prayer for you. Jerry

    May the face of God shine on you //
    The words of promise whispered in your ear
    May the face of God shine on you

    May the wings of the Spirit cover you //
    Gathered into the body warmly wrapped with care
    May the wings of the Spirit cover you

    May the love of Jesus heal you //
    May the pain in your life be brushed by his touch
    May the love of Jesus heal you

    May the wind of the Spirit move you //
    Dancing over the waves on a new course
    May the wind of the Spirit move you

    May the peace of Jesus steady you //
    When the world is shaking and challenges come
    May the peace of Jesus steady you

  32. Miriam Reesor / Jul 6 2010

    Hi Matt,
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers all day today. A note of interest – Leah was in Oregon this past weekend for a wedding of a friend from her Jamaica MCC year. The person who officiated at the wedding was Eric Martin. Leah said she had a good chat with Lindsey’s mother.
    Aunt Miriam

  33. Aunt Lois / Jul 6 2010

    I was so sad to hear about the tough time you’ve been having, Matt. I wish there was a way to relieve you of all this pain, frustration, and roller coaster ride. Know that you and Lindsay and your family are in my prayers daily.
    Thanks so much for the updates! It helps us feel closer to you when we can see you and hear the events of your days. I hope you actually had your surgery today, that it went well, and will relieve your headaches. Lots of love!

  34. Margaret Wade / Jul 6 2010

    Greetings from all of us at the Inn…you are in our thoughts and prayers all the time. Grace, we miss you! When you get home next time, come and sit by a fire with us.

  35. Aunt Sharon / Jul 2 2010

    The beach crew has been praying for you and thinking about you frequently. So sorry to hear that you had such a rough week. We hope that you can recover quickly and enjoy your family this holiday weekend.

    Nelson, Kris, Andrew, Alex, Adam, Wayne, Luisa, Madeleine, Claire, Ellie, Sammy, Sharon, John, Sara, Stuart, Grandma

  36. Amber (Raub) Walker / Jul 2 2010


    I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are praying for you along with my entire family. I was so sorry to hear of your diagnosis but am glad to see that you have family and loved ones to support you through it. Hopefully your many Apple devices can keep you occupied during your various hospital stays, and I wish you a speedy recovery and return home!


  37. Curtis Nissley / Jun 26 2010

    Hi Matt,

    Greetings from Canton, OH! I just got done reading up on all of your updates, and I am glad to see you doing well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since I first heard that you had cancer, and I will continue to pray that God brings you through this. It is very evident that God has worked through all of your friends and family to bring you this far, and he is not going to leave your side now. You are clearly a much stronger person that I am because I am not sure how I would react if I was given your same news. Life for me has been a whirlwind the last few years. My wanderlust faded about three years ago when I settled into Canton, OH and started my career in financial services. I have been married for nearly a full 2 years and a father of the cutest baby boy for almost 1 full year already. I guess you could say I have settled down into the stereotypical American father role. Drop me a line some time. Love to hear from you!

  38. Ellen Bowman / Jun 17 2010

    Hey Matt, I am here with Grandma. So glad to hear that you have reached this milestone. She says she will continue to pray for your strength and healing. Have a very special time in Oregon. Love, Aunt Ellen

  39. Becky O'Connor / Jun 17 2010

    Yeah! Glad you’re out. Have fun at the wedding and safe travels.

  40. Darlene & Marv Rohrer-Meck / Jun 16 2010

    So glad to hear you are home! See you in Oregon!

  41. Ellen Bowman / Jun 13 2010

    Hi Matt, We hope you are having a good Sunday w family and friends.
    Greg and I plan to drive in for a visit tomorrow evening. It will be good to catch up w the events of your life the past few weeks. And ours as well!
    And to check out the new haircut. Nice work Amanda
    Life is certainly an adventure. We continue to handle it w prayer!
    I am planning to bring dinner. OK? Requests?
    Aunt Ellen

  42. Apeksha / Jun 11 2010

    Hi Matt,
    It was just yesterday that I was looking at the photos from Bryce’s party and I was telling my friend about you, that I think you are the nicest guy in our class. I came to know about the bad news this morning. We cannot even imagine the big change in your life that you are going through, but hang in there. Its just like a strong gush of wind, it will fade out! I know you can do it! Just wanted to let you know we are all with you in these tough times and we shall overcome it soon.

  43. Aunt Miriam / Jun 9 2010

    Hi Matt,
    I am here on the couch after a cold and wet family fair. My work puts this event on every year for the community -geared to parents and young children. Many community agencies set up displays, activities, etc. We usually have around 600 people come to this outdoor event. TODAY is the only day this week with rain in the forecast -and we got the rain. I am responsible for the overall setup – and did a lot of scrambling to make it all work. We made it through the event – 300 parents and children still came . Thankfully tomorrow is another day. I pray that your tomorrow is a good one and you are feeling better.
    Aunt Miriam

  44. Judy Styer / Jun 9 2010

    Hi Matt,
    I hope you are feeling a bit better today. Overall, it sounds like you are making such excellent progress and that is great news! Keep the faith and find strength in the fact that you are so loved and supported!


  45. Aunt Lois / Jun 9 2010

    Hi Matt and Lindsay,

    So sorry to hear about your rough day yesterday! Hope today is going better. Know that you both are in our thoughts and prayers daily. We are heading to Hershey on Friday. Laura is graduating from PA Cyber School on Saturday in Harrisburg, and all the seniors are invited to spend the day on Friday at Hershey Park. She has invited some friends to go along and they are planning to ride the rides from morning until night. Gary and I are not into putting our bodies through this kind of torture, so we will do something abit more relaxing like shopping or trying unique restaurants in the area.
    Stay strong, Matt. We love you.

  46. Aunt Becky / Jun 9 2010

    Hi Matt,
    Hope you’re feeling better after yesterday. So glad to hear positive results from the biopsy! Hang in there, your Rochester fan club is rooting for you!

  47. Aunt Irene / Jun 8 2010

    Happy to hear the good news. We’ll keep praying that you will get through this with few mornings like you had today!

  48. Cheryl Cornich / Jun 8 2010

    Glad to hear you are coming along. I saw Nelson and Kris @ a graduation party. They are keeping some of us “old Raiders” in the loop about your recovery. Take care, know you are being cared for

  49. Aunt Irene / Jun 6 2010

    Hi Matt.

    I had a good chat with your mom as she and your dad drove back to Ohio. I wish I could be closer to be with her and to cook a good meal for you. She told me your starved all the time!! But from what your mom said Jon is doing hie best to keep you with gormet eating. Even out here in Colorado you have a lot of prayer support!
    Aunt Irene

  50. Dusty Rhodes / Jun 6 2010

    Hi Matt,

    Glad to hear you got thru a tough spot. We think of you often here. Bethany is here for the weekend, and Annie here for the summer. Are you doing any journaling on this site during this experience? If you are I’d love to read some of it. So glad your mom and dad can get there as often as they do.

    We’ll stay in touch.
    -Uncle Dusty and fam

  51. Leon & Wanda / Jun 5 2010

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you from the West coast.

  52. Mary & Ken Johnson / Jun 4 2010

    We are friends of your parents and you are a year or so younger than our son Ben, also a graduate of SRHS. You are awesome, your family is awesome, and we are all united in our prayers on your behalf. What a Blessing for us all to experience the unity caused by the news and your journey to date… With all the pushing, pulling and praying on your behalf, don’t get pushed too far too fast! God Bless you, we are still praying for you!

  53. Cheryl Cornich / Jun 3 2010

    Hi Matt,
    I went to high school with your mom, she remains a good friend. My son is David, he played soccer @ SRange with Jon one year. You 2 are the soccer legends around “these here parts”!!!!
    I pray for you each evening, again in the morning and sometimes whisper a short prayer in the midday. I see by your website, you are an agressive young man….go at it!!
    In our prayers
    steve and cheryl cornich

  54. Joanne Bowman / Jun 3 2010

    Good morning, Matt. Sounds like Wed was a rough day in the ‘hood. Great to have it behind you; you are so much closer to being done with this hospital stay then a week ago. So sorry this unwelcome, uninvited dx has landed on you; we make the best of something like this, but really, I at least, would prefer it have never happened. Take in the care and love you need to carry you through these days; there are plenty of people ready to do anything that will help.
    Joanne (Greg’s sister, Ellen’s sister-in-law/part of high school dating foursome with Grace/grade school sunday afternoon play mate with Miriam/church member with Judy and John S.)

  55. Aunt Becky / Jun 3 2010

    Hey Matt,
    I’m glad to hear your on the other side of yesterday’s tough day. My students have been following you progress and want me to send you their encouragement and best wishes. They are also very jealous of the iPad! My colleagues were very impressed with Rivendell’s care package. One of the global teachers is in the market for a bike and is now going with Rivendell. I’m glad to hear you haven’t lost your appetite. Stay strong! Aunt Becky

  56. Lyle Blosser / Jun 1 2010

    Just so you know (and you probably already have an inkling) you have a huge (and still growing) network of prayer warriors out there with you in their minds and hearts, and I am humbly joining those ranks tonight. (I just found out about your situation from my cousin Gaylen Blosser during a Facebook chat, and I followed the link on your mom’s page to this website.)
    Blessings and strength!
    Lyle Blosser

  57. Grandma Witmer / Jun 1 2010

    I’m reading all of your wonderful messages and I thought you needed a message from grandma. Computers are not my thing but Aunt Kris is my computer helper. Everywhere I go people are asking how you are doing…I tell them, with all the people that are praying for you, we are very encouraged. I love you and its exciting to think what God has for you in your future.
    Love, Grandma Witmer

  58. Emily (Buttle) Sipe / Jun 1 2010

    Hi Matt,

    Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying for you regularly. We love you and your family dearly and will continue to pray for healing and strength.

    Emily and family

  59. Fred Miller / Jun 1 2010

    Hey Matt.

    Our family is praying for you. i trust the Lord will give you back your strength. He’s not finished with you yet!

    (I’m a bit jealous of you – you know – your ipad!!)


  60. John & Velma Zook / May 31 2010

    Matt — Your great spirit of facing treatment of this magnitude is absolutely amazing. It is so important to maintain this caliber of character. Our Sunday School Class at Oak Grove prayed for you this past Sunday. Bob and Waunita Witmer are in this class. We will continue to pray God’s will in your life. John & Velma Zook

  61. Kris Witmer / May 30 2010

    Hi Matt!
    So glad you finally got your ipad…and you were surprised? So I didn’t ruin the fun? So glad to help pass the time! We love you and continue to pray for you! Love to see the pictures of you and all your friends supporting you!!

  62. Michele Janci / May 29 2010


    Our family is thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers, as well. It is really cool to see you surrounded by such an amazing support system of friends and family.

    Be Strong!
    The Janci Family

  63. Aunt Irene / May 29 2010

    Matt, I think you’re the one that has tried several times to get our family to have some on-going web site. Looks like your finally got something going! I really appreciate the pictures and up-dates. Maybe we’ll all get in the habit and keep this going. My prayers are with you.
    Aunt Irene

  64. Miriam Reesor / May 28 2010

    Hi Matt, I am thinking of you today as I sit with my foot up, nursing a very sore big toe. I had a very ungraceful, full body fall on my way to get on the Go train yesterday to head downtown Toronto to do a workshop. There was a cord on the side walk leading to the train platform that I did not see, it got wrapped around my ankle and the next thing I knew I was flat on the ground, face first. As I pulled my sore body and wounded dignity up – the train came and I got on. (Leah was with me and got to witness the whole thing.) I proceeded to the workshop venue and sat with my foot up on a stool with ice for the whole day as I tried to give a “supervision in human services ” workshop for 20 people. By the time I got home last night I was in way too much pain to be able to go back today to do the second day. So, someone is covering for me while I read your “Matthatescancer” site and do other such at home sitting activities.
    I hope lots of good energy and prayers find their way to your room today.

    Aunt Miriam

  65. Aunt Lois / May 27 2010

    I like the hair, Matt!! Looks like you had fun. Praying that the days are
    going by quickly, the treatments are bearable and hugely successful! Gary and I hope to visit sometime over next week.

  66. Edgar Miller / May 27 2010

    Matt and family – Blessings as you face these next days and weeks of treatment. Our prayer is that you will be surrounded by people in whom you will see the face of God as they minister to you.

    We have been where you are and understand the feelings that come as a result. Please know we are standing with you.

    Edgar Miller
    Caitlin Millers dad

  67. Mary Schrock / May 26 2010

    Floyd and I flew down to San Diego today to help Peter celebrate his 40th tomorrow! Do you know how old that makes me??? Phew!

    Although it’s been rainy day after rainy day in OR, here in San Diego it’s clear blue sky, sea breeze and 70 degrees! Lovely.

    We hope to go exploring tomorrow – birds, etc. – and just get in on Peter’s life here. It’s nice to not have a work schedule for about 5 days.

    In spite of our being on vacation, you are on our minds and hearts.
    Blessings to you!

  68. Ellen Bowman / May 26 2010

    HI Matt,

    We enjoyed our evening with you guys last night. It is good to see you out and about and being so positive. We continue to hold you up in prayer and hope the next few weeks of treatment are quick and effective! Are you still eating the Macaroni ‘n Cheese? We hope to get down to Philly again in a week or so.

    Aunt Ellen

  69. Anna / May 26 2010


    I just read about it. I hope that you get well soon and keep optimistic. Wishing you all the luck!


  70. Ben Wideman / May 26 2010

    Matt, you are definitely in our thoughts and prayers! Stay strong my friend. I can’t wait to see you back out on your bike.

  71. Dave Rohrer / May 25 2010

    Hey Matt,
    Sorry to hear the news. You’re in our thoughts and prayers for sure! Blessings to you and praying for you strength and healing.
    – Dave & Rhoda

  72. Wayne Witmer / May 25 2010


    You are very much in our thoughts and prayers. We’re confident that you will come through this a healthy and stronger person in so many ways. Keep your head up and use this time to allow yourself to be cared for. We are looking forward to having you in our home again….particularly in our kitchen :)

    Uncle Wayne

  73. John Bueno / May 25 2010

    Hey man! I will be stopping by soon. You should totally try to get a job at Neiman Group so that we can share a table and play footsie…I miss the attention.

  74. Well Fed / May 25 2010

    All of the humans here miss you.
    Bella the dog misses your tasty elbows.
    And we support your hate.

  75. Beth Styer / May 24 2010

    Family time pictures looked great…. so glad they could all be there for the weekend. We opened the pool on Saturday,, looking forward to having you sit by the pool in a few weeks!! Sending you prayers and good Reiki energy each day!

  76. RICH AND RACHEL YODER / May 24 2010

    Hi Matt,
    We just read about your news of ALL….we will stand by you in prayerful support. Somehow reading all the notes from friends and family is wonderfully precious…like we’re all in this together.
    Blessings and hugs, Rich and Rachel Yoder

  77. Sharon Strite / May 24 2010

    Hi Matt,

    Mary Jane just told me about your diagnosis of ALL. I am sure that was a shock to all of you. Actually, my niece, Caitlin Miller,(Mary Jane mentioned that it was Courtney but it’s her sister Caitlin) had a form of leukemia several years ago and is doing great now with no recurrence of the cancer. Fortunately she was at a great hospital(UVA) and it sounds like you too are being treated at one of the best places. Walking through this journey with so many family and friends cheering you on makes the road bearable…just know we are part of family praying for you.

    Sharon Strite

  78. Mary Jane Michael (your VA family) / May 24 2010

    Hi, this is a message from your extended family from VA (your dad’s first cousin)…. I just heard about your ALL this afternoon as I was checking my emails. Your dad sent me the news about your “change of plans”….that is all it is, a change of plans for now. Your family down here in good ole H’burg will be thinking about you and sending our love and prayers. By the way, my sister Sharon’s niece (Courtney Miller)had ALL a few years ago. I told Sharon to tell you about her journey. Thanks for having this website where we can keep in touch……

  79. Marcy Gineris / May 24 2010

    Hi Matt! I’m so sorry to hear of your illness. Glad you’re in an excellent hospital and have your loving family’s support. What a blessing! I’m praying for your steady recovery and for grace during any difficult times ahead. God bless you.

  80. Nelson Witmer / May 24 2010

    It was really good to see you, Matt. For us it was good to see where you are and what you will be doing. You obviously have a great staff and support group around you! I appreciate your humor and great attitude. Remember when it gets tough to smile that you have friends and family that care for you deeply and are praying for you daily. Remember each day passed gets you closer to your goal!

    Uncle Nelson

  81. conrad / May 24 2010

    hey buddy. see you soon.

  82. Dusty Rhodes / May 23 2010

    Dear Matt,

    I was so surprised to hear the news of your ALL from Aunt Irene. Count on our prayers for you and your family.

    A close friend of mine is about 4 months into his treatment for the same thing, including down to “no plants in the hospital room.” I visited him several times during his first 30-days in the hospital. It was quite the journey for him and he is coming thru it very well, feeling much stronger and healthier, and back home after 30+ days while still needing additional treatments off and on for a few months yet.

    He blogged about his experience almost daily while in the hospital on the Caring Bridge website where people share their experiences like this. You can find my friend Terence’s blog at this link if you are interested:

    We care about you and will be checking in to hear of your journey.


    Dusty and family

  83. Clay and Lana Campfield / May 23 2010

    Hi Matt,

    Clay and I and both our families are thinking of you and praying for your strength, calm despite the storm and healing during treatment. We love you and your family very much.

    “Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.” Ephesians 6:10

    “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

    “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

    “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trust in Him. . . ” Psalm 28:7

    We love you, God bless, Our prayers rise up amongst an army of those who we know are praying,

    Lana and Clay

  84. Sue querin / May 23 2010

    We hate cancer too. It sure does come as a BIG surprise! God is good & we can count on Him to take all the worry out of the whole experience. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t get weary. Dave has been here 11 days & we are hoping to leave here Tuesday.

    You are in our prayers & we will be “watching”-:). God bless you.

  85. joyce latura / May 23 2010

    Matt, When you have come to the edge of the light as we know it and are about to step off into the darkness of one thing you can be certain, our Lord will provide a solid place for you to step or you will be taught to fly. – author unknown

    I can pray and keep you and your family in my thoughts. Please know that loving friends and family are and will be there for you and that we all wish you strength and peace and love.


  86. Frank Ameka / May 23 2010

    Hi Matt,

    I am & will continue praying for you.

  87. Aunt Irene / May 23 2010

    You are surrounded and upheld in prayer. I am looking forward to keeping up with you on this blog!! having a huge extended family has its benefits!!

  88. Ellen Darden / May 23 2010

    Hi Matt, Our thoughts and prayers are with you!!

  89. Ellen Bowman / May 22 2010

    Hi Matt, Hope you are doing OK today. Maybe they will stop bothering you and let you read a good book soon. Looking forward to our trip into Philly to see you on Tuesday evening. Blessings to you, Lindsay and the family.

  90. Christy / May 22 2010

    hey matt! just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and praying really hard for your comfort and health. i like this blog idea and i like the name of the website! :) we’ll be checking it frequently!

  91. Mark E. / May 22 2010

    Hi Matt. I was rocked when I heard the news from Susan.

    I am thinking about you and going before the Father on your behalf so that you will know strength, comfort, faith and peace like never before. Be strong and walk out your faith. You are an image-bearer of Yahweh and an immortal soul and He loves you and is with you.


  92. Maria Householder / May 22 2010

    Just wanted to let you know how many prayers are coming your way. You have an amazing family support team with you and want you to know that your team extends far and wide. God Bless you on your path.

  93. Aunt Mary / May 22 2010

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Matt!
    Your in my mind and heart many times during the day, and it’s good
    to have a place to come to for updates.

  94. Becky O'Connor / May 22 2010

    This is indeed a great idea, thank you. You’re in our daily thoughts and prayers Matt. Hannah and Luke are very concerned that you will be bored and suggest you download the “hardest game in the world” app. ( I have a feeling they’d like to compare high scores :)
    Today is a day full of Lax and softball. Also going out to buy some new chickens to replenish my fox decimated flock.
    lots of love from Rochester,

  95. Miriam Reesor / May 22 2010

    Thanks Matt for allowing us to join in and be part of your cancer journey. This blog is a great idea. Aunt Miriam

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